Swansea reacts to a road accident involving a cyclist and a motorist

by | Jul 8, 2024 | Community, Swansea Today, Uncategorized

Orchard Street in Swansea saw a serious accident wherein a cyclist was hit by a motorist and was grievously injured on 28th June.

The injured, a man in his 40s, was taken to the hospital in an air ambulance. The Orchard Street was closed from around 1 pm till 4 pm while the respective authorities performed their duties.

‘Cyclists on the road’ has been a much-debated issue. We asked the residents of Swan TV their views on the same and got varied inputs from them.

Monte, 54, says that riding on the roads has become ‘scary’ and that is why he had to sell off his cycle. He adds, “Cyclists seem to not obey the rules on the road like they should and that contributes to the risk factor. The motorists can sometimes get impatient with the cyclists. The road network in Swansea is limited so it gets more and more congested.”


Being a motorist himself, Joel says that he hates the cyclists on the road. Having said that he does realise that it is illegal for them to ride on the pavements and it is the roads where the cyclists belong.

Joel and McKenzie

Sarah says that cyclists “deserve to be on the roads” since, unfortunately, they are vulnerable road users and that not many people are aware of the fact.


We also asked the same residents what could be done better to avoid such accidents.

Bob, who was visibly frustrated by the fast-paced e-bikes remarked that the cyclists should follow the Highway code. For now “they are not doing nothing but they should be going by the highway code”.


McKenzie said that ultimately it is all about safety. “The obvious solution is to have cycle paths. This way the pedestrians are unaffected and even the motorist doesn’t have to worry. With the changing infrastructure of the city, cycle paths should be incorporated.”