Students Urged to Recycle Properly Before Leaving for Summer

by | May 13, 2024 | Swansea Today

Additional assistance is being provided to thousands of Swansea students leaving this summer in order to prevent abandoned black bags from causing problems for local communities when classes are complete.

The recycling staff at Swansea Council has been working very hard to inform children about their waste collection days in the last weeks of the school year.

In the upcoming weeks, information packets and letters with guidance on how to handle household garbage will be issued to over 1,400 registered student residences in Brynmill, Uplands, Mount Pleasant, and Sandfields as part of the Council’s ‘Get it Sorted’ campaign.

The letters provide information about the choices available for disposing of excess and bulky rubbish ethically before moving out of their premises, together with a complete schedule of waste collection dates for May and June.

In June, the recycling team of the council will also open a stall once a week in Singleton Park, aiming to reach the many students who walk from Brynmill, Uplands and Sandfields to the university.

Offering guidance, responding to inquiries, and supplying recycling bags and additional tools for curbside recycling, they will be operating out of this booth.

The Council’s recycling promotions team will also conduct surveys in students areas, making sure students have put out the correct waste. The team will also knock on the doors of those who might have put the wrong waste out and remind them what needs to go out.

Cyril Anderson, Cabinet Member for Community, said: “Students make up a large proportion of our city and help to create diverse communities.

“When they depart our city at the end of the academic year, it’s important that we support them in their departure and ensure they have everything they need to leave their communities clean and tidy.

Surveys in student areas will also be carried out by the Council’s recycling promotions team to ensure that students have properly disposed of their rubbish. In addition, the team will rap on doors to remind anyone who might have dumped the wrong kind of waste outside of what should be removed.

“Students make up a large portion of our city and help to create diverse communities,” stated Cyril Anderson, Cabinet Member for Community.

“It’s critical that we assist them in leaving our city at the conclusion of the school year and make sure they have all they need to leave their neighbourhoods orderly.

“The majority will get rid of stuff before they go by employing our weekly residential rubbish collection services.

In order to make sure that student homes are aware of what can be put out for collection, our recycling promotions team will be pounding on doors both before and after their scheduled collections throughout the month of June.

Additionally, we have written to every student’s home, offering guidance and details on trash management.

We will occasionally have bags distributed improperly, just like any other city community, and this is being handled normally. Overall though, we’ve seen students step up to the plate and assist us in maintaining a clean and orderly city.”

Learn more by visiting this link: Swansea’s student recycling and rubbish guide.